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freeCodeCamp Top Contributor-2019

I am aware that I am a little late to write this article when 12% of 2020 has already passed but still I wanted to share this news, which is valuable to me, and write it in my blog to leave a good memory. In the last months of 2019 I received an email from Quincy Larson, the founder of freeCodeCamp where he announced that I was one of the top contributors to freeCodeCamp in 2019 and how valuable these contributions were to the community. In the last part of the email he asked for my address because he wanted to send one of the bags prepared for Top Contributors. After talking about what we did in 2019 and how we could contribute in 2020, we ended the email traffic.

A few months after this conversation, the freeCodeCamp Top Contributor 2019 bag in the picture above landed in my hands:) It took its place on my back as a good memory to appreciate and always remember the contributions:) I started writing my articles about a year and a half ago. While, at the beginning, I did not trust myself to be able to write articles, now I look at the point I have reached and think that I am on the right path. I am happy to be able to do something useful and make a little contribution to the community. At such moments, I remember Richard Feyhman's saying:

At least I'm living; at least I'm doing something. I'm making some contribution. — Richard Feynman

I think that it should not be underestimated what kind of difference we can make in people's lives with small steps. With our contributions, what we do, the impact we have on people may be greater than we expected. Even a few words can change a life.

With this post, I want to extend my biggest thanks to the freeCodeCamp community and Quincy, who took the time to read my articles and spread them within the community. I'm happy and grateful to be able to make some contribution...